Defining Moments: Marvin Traub—The Man Who Made Bloomingdale’s Bloom

A few years ago, in 2005, I decided to write a book about the moments in successful people’s lives that really defined their destinies; what I called ‘defining moments’. Through a work colleague, I was introduced to Marvin Traub, the former CEO of Bloomingdales. I flew to New York, interviewed Mr. Traub, and wrote the first chapter of the book.

While I have not published the book yet, I’m posting Mr. Traub’s chapter because I think his story should be told. I hope you enjoy it!

Part 1 – Building the Foundation

Part 2 – Growing Up

Part 3 – A legendary retail career begins

Part 4 – Being Different—Bloomingdale’s Transformation

Part 5 – Retailing is Entertainment

Part 6 – A New Beginning

Part 7 – Defining Success

Many thanks to Peter Hart of Rideau Recognition Solutions and Ralph Destino, former Chairman of Cartier Inc. for introducing me to Mr. Traub.



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