Review of Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Edge

Session 1 – Inner Strength: Decisions and Destiny

I have to admit to a certain amount of excitement when I heard that my Ultimate Edge package had arrived in the mail. A couple of weeks earlier, I had downloaded the first session from Tony Robbins’ website and I was anxious to get started on the program.

What you get when you order Ultimate Edge is a nicely designed package containing 26 CDs, two DVDs, a success journal and some coupons for a free live coaching session and for discounts on Tony’s live events. The program is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1: Inner Strength (2 sessions to do at the beginning of the program and a third session to do at the end)
  • Part 2: Personal Power Classic (7 days/sessions)
  • Part 3: Get the Edge (7 days/sessions)

As I mentioned, I had already listened to the first session, called “Inner Strength: Decisions and Destiny” prior to receiving the package in the mail. Still, I felt it would be better to refresh my memory and re-listen to the first session.

Session 1 of Inner Strength is recorded on two CDs and is fairly long at about 103 minutes. I downloaded the CDs to my iPod and set off the next day on my journey to achieve the ultimate edge, which is not about getting the edge over someone else, but rather getting the most out of yourself.

The first thing that really strikes you when you listen to a Tony Robbins CD is his enthusiasm. The man delivers his message with such oomph that it almost seems impossible that the same energy could be maintained throughout the session. But the energy is maintained, and Tony talks us through a lot of material aimed at helping us understand the driving forces in our lives. Tony covers a lot of material in those 103 minutes, so much so that I was compelled to listen to this session twice!

In this session, Tony talks about

  • Understanding and directing the forces that shape our lives:
    • the three pillars of progress; Getting focussed, getting the best tools and getting integrated and aligned.
  • Resources vs. resourcefulness: how we often make excuses about not having enough resources, while the truth is that we can find those resources with some resourcefulness.
  • Master lessons in life: the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment.
  • Decisions: how we all make decisions at every moment in the day – what do we focus on, what does that mean to us and what are we going to do with that information?
  • Three choices we make when we feel pain: Blame, change our life conditions, change our blueprint.

At the end of every session, and sometimes in the middle of a session, Tony gives us some homework to do. ‘Cause, let’s face it, listening to a program like this is not much use if you’re not going to follow through and make the changes you want in your life.

In this session, Tony encouraged me to think about, and write down, the area of my life where I am most happy… and why. Similarly, I thought about an area in my life where I was not happy… and why. Finally, today’s last assignment was to write a paragraph or two describing what my vision of my ideal life would be.

My thoughts
Interesting stuff; especially that last exercise. I, like many people, have gone through this thought process before… usually right after I buy a lottery ticket! LOL The difference here is that Tony encouraged me to really envision my ideal life as a whole… what kind of shape would I be in? What kind of house would I live in? Would I travel? Would I work? What kinds of activities would I do with my family?

I found that writing it down made it seem a more real to me. So, I’d encourage any of you who are reading this blog to write a paragraph or two about your own extraordinary life. Remember, the first step in getting anywhere is knowing where you want to go!

If you’re interested in getting a short glimpse of what Tony discusses in Session 1, watch this YouTube video:

Tony Robbins

Next up… Session 2: Your Hour of Power

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